Small dataset for testing in network format:
A very tiny dataset, constructed for testing the code and getting results in a few seconds.
G. Tibély et al: Extracting tag hierarchies PLoS ONE 8(12): e84133 (2013).
File name Description Format Size
simple_net.txt List of tags in co-occurrence network format. Each row contains a pair of object (a pair of nodes in the network) and these pairs define the links in the network. For simplicity each tag is represented by a number. plain text file
rows starting with "#" are skipped
columns are separated by spaces
1st. column: tag1
second column: tag2.
simple_objn.txt Result for the dataset by Algorithm B Directed graph, where
1st. column: source
2nd column: target
Each file header contains instructions for processing the data with the Hierarchy Extracting Algorithms.
Lines end with unix end-of-line-character, under windows use an intelligent text viewer like WordPad.